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Firetruck Brewing Company

Our History

Fire truck Brewing Company was started by three firefighters in their garage in 2012. Jeremy prior to being a firefighter and now a fire chief was a linguist in the military. He fell in love with German beer. Years later Jeremy started brewing beer in that same Munich Style. Taylor a paramedic firefighter and Matt an engineer firefighter who worked with Jeremy all teamed up and started building the first Brewery. January 2014 their first restaurant Brewery open at Grant swan. Today fire truck brewing company has three restaurants and a production brewery Downtown.

FireTruck Brewing Company goal is to bring you world class award winning beer. Today our beers can be found at grocery/liquor stores across the state. And of course you can't miss our ironic fire axe tap handles at your local bars and restaurants.

Matt Gordon was the founding member of The Slaughter House, where he used his engineering and fabrication skills to build the scariest, most high-tech commercial haunted house in Tucson. Matt was able to build custom, commercial-grade brewing equipment and soon discovered a new passion: craft beer. Despite Matt and Jeremy’s considerable tenacity, they ran into dead end after dead end. That’s when Paramedic/Firefighter Taylor Carter rather serendipitously joined the team.

Taylor was the brewery’s final component. With his impressive marketing and business skills, Taylor became the third and final partner in October of 2012. Soon after, the midtown location at 4746 E. Grant Rd. became available and the trio jumped at the opportunity to open Tucson’s only midtown brewpub. Many hurdles remained, but with the support of the City of Tucson and the adjoining neighborhood association, SPBC was finally granted the permits and licenses to move forward.

Now the trio faced their next—and possibly biggest—obstacle: How to afford building an amazing brewery. Thanks to the overwhelming support of a successful Kickstarter campaign, Matt, Jeremy, and Taylor spent every non-firefighting day of the next ten months building Firetruck Brewing Company. Everything from the booths to the brewing equipment was either built by hand or refabricated from reclaimed items. Only through the blood, sweat, and dedication of these three and their families (all are happily married with multiple young children), was the space transformed into the modern, yet comfortable, watering hole it is today.

On opening night, January 9, 2014, SPBC was staffed with the three owners, their lovely wives, and four staff members. Today the brewery employs twenty-seven not including owners or wives. The trio of firemen had conservative three and five-year plans. However, within the first ten months, the partners realized they needed to begin the three-year plan immediately. In March of 2015, SPBC acquired the adjacent 1,200 square foot space to make room for a larger brewing system and added a patio to increase seating. The expansion was completed in June of the same year and beer production quickly increased.

By October, Young’s Market Company, a premier distributor of alcoholic beverages in the western United States, began distributing Firetruck Brewing Company’s award-winning craft beer. The partnership with Young’s Market Co. has been very successful and as of January 1, 2016 distribution has been expanded to the state-wide market.

From humble beginnings, Firetruck Brewing Company is going big places. We hope you lift a glass and come along for the ride.